3. Going Forward

It is our intention that these principles will be tested, iterated on, and improved as we learn from our initial operationalized research projects. The ability of the carbon removal industry to effectively govern itself and to set clear rules of the road for how to demonstrate responsible action in the absence of governing bodies is key, particularly in a market that is still establishing compliance mechanisms and working to build trust. Adhering to clearly defined principles, such as those laid out in this document, will help the carbon removal market to incrementally scale the solutions we need while reducing scientific uncertainties.

Above all, our industry must orient itself towards the scale required to solve the problem – billions of tons of carbon removed annually. Inaction is not an option, and rapid emission reductions, while essential, will not be enough on their own. If we are not looking at the reality of this crisis head-on and evaluating decisions against the clear risks of inaction, we will miss our limited window to take meaningful action, and the ability to scale promising solutions while we still have time.

Running Tide is committed to doing this work and helping to build the technology and infrastructure that helps carbon removal solutions succeed – but we can’t do it alone. We are constantly seeking new avenues to share and improve our methods and impact, and to build our capacity to heal the ocean. We are eager to work with partners and collaborators from every sector.

We welcome and encourage all feedback on this governance framework – please feel free to get in touch at contact@runningtide.com.

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