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A single source of truth for the company's public carbon accounting and scientific documentation.
Purpose: This library catalogs the foundational documents for Running Tide's open-system carbon removal and ocean health restoration projects. The goal is to provide transparency as these documents are updated and facilitate feedback from the community.

Foundational Documentation

Carbon Accounting
White Paper
White Paper

Sample Carbon Quantification - 2023 Deployments

Research Repository

As a leading private sector organization working on marine-based carbon dioxide approaches, Running Tide has a number of active research projects that are currently ongoing. These range from small, bench-scale projects, to large-scale research in the open ocean.
In line with our Governance Principles and the AGU Ethical Framework for Responsible Climate Intervention, Running Tide is committing to sharing data from our research projects that allow for transparency and the independent evaluation of project results.
Regarding our larger-scale open ocean projects currently being conducted out of Iceland, Running Tide has established a data-sharing and consultation process with relevant government agencies in Iceland. While these documents are technically in the public domain via the Icelandic government, we will also be sharing these and additional documents publicly here to provide a centralized location for documentation and information related to our scientific work and quantification approach.
We will continue to upload additional information and results to this page in the coming weeks and months. As a starting point, several initial documents are available below:

Reporting for the Icelandic Government

As part of our permit, we share data and consult with relevant institutions and agencies in Iceland on an ongoing basis. These are the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, the Environment Agency of Iceland, the Icelandic Coast Guard, and the Transport Authority. We share reports quarterly related to ongoing, planned, and completed research projects and deployments.

Ongoing Research

Posters, papers and presentations

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Anna Savage, Valeria Balza Pineda, Brian Ball, Philip Connaughton, Franklin Heng, Ting-Hsuan Chung, Alison Tune, Megumi Chikamoto, T. Nathaniel Beatty.
Megumi O. Chikamoto, Chisato Yoshikawa, Yoshikazu Sasai, Keely Brown, Anna Casto, Anna Savage, Rishi Masalia.
Alison K. Tune, Hildur Magnúsdóttir,A, Diana N. Fontaine, Íris Mýrdal Kristinsdóttir, Anna Savage, Sarah Fundaun, Rishi Masalia, Brad Rochlin, Justin B. Ries, T. Nathaniel Beatty, Max Chalfin.
Hildur Magnúsdóttir, Íris Mýrdal Kristinsdóttir, Justin Ries, Anna Savage and Alison Tune.
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