Running Tide would like to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for the dozens of organizations and individuals who provided feedback and input on this scope of work.
Please note: external peer reviewers are not authors, and their review of the content in this document should not be treated as an endorsement on their part. We thank them, along with those not listed, for their time, expertise, and continued collaboration.

Running Tide team

Technical contributors

Nate Beatty Max Chalfin Dr. Rishi Masalia Dr. Justin Ries (External Scientific Advisor) Dr. Anna Savage Dr. Kay Suselj Andrew Thompson Dr. Alison Tune Michaela Wagar

Non-technical contributors

Jordan Breighner Jennifer Johnson Jessica Makolin Marty Odlin Bradley Rochlin Leigh Ronen Shane Scranton Andrea Steves

External reviewers

Alphabetical by organization and last name
**Member of independent Scientific Advisory Board convened by Ocean Visions


Seth Baruch

Carbon Business Council

Ben Rubin

Climateworks Foundation

Frances Wang

ClearPath Foundation

Savita Bowman

Deloitte Iceland

Dr. Rannveig Guicharnaud Gunnar Sveinn Magnusson

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research

Dr. Andreas Oschlies**

Headwall Photonics

David Bannon**

LowerCarbon Capital

Kristin Ellis Ryan Orbuch

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Dr. Jim Barry**

Northeastern University

Dr. Aron Stubbins Dr. Lixin Zhu


Dr. Nan Pond

Ocean Visions

Dr. David Koweek

Ocean Wonks

Dr. Sandra Whitehouse


Ariel Hayward Robert Ralph

Rainforest Alliance/Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - retired

Richard Donovan**


Stacey Kauk


Zeke Hausfather

Sussex Strategy Group

Ken Cain Roberto Chavez Devin McCarthy

Transition Labs

Jóhann Þorvaldur Bergþórsson Kjartan Olafssun


Dr. Steve Davis Dr. Matt Long (Advisor) TBC Claire Kiely

World Resources Institute (WRI)

Dr. Oliver Ashford Katie Lebling